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As the first in-house brand of Ksisters, we pride ourselves in bringing affordable and quality care products to the comfort of your own homes! 

Thanks to the overwhelming response from Jung Beauty’s fans of 2 Step Steaming Hair Spa, we have created Step 2 Leave in Essence Treatment into a product by itself! This is a great after wash hair care due to Keratin properties for smoothening and adding extra shine before heat styling. Get bouncier curls, softer and slicker looking hair! 

What does this product do?

Formulated with Keratin properties, working in this luxe leave-in is like taking a daily multivitamin for your hair! With our daily busy schedules, this is the perfect solution to give our tresses an extra dose of hydration without spending too much time on our daily haircare routine. This detangles your mane & leaves your strands smooth and shiny (and smelling extra amazing)! It is also a really great primer before any heat-styling! Our team noticed that curled hair looks bouncier, blowdried/ straightened hair looks sleeker, shinier with lesser flyaways too! 

While the essence is being used consistently over a long period of time, external factors like hair drying or curling (which generates heat exposure) can be prevented. Keratin and Keratin-associated proteins are naturally present in our hair. Hence, as structural proteins, they protect our hair from both internal and external components.

Perfect for:

  • Damaged hair from chemical treatment
  • Curled or straightened their hair on a daily basis
  • Got exposed to dirt and pollution while being outdoor
  • Have low porosity hair (hair which struggles to absorb moisture)
  • Rough, frizzy and prone to breakage hair
  • Quality haircare in the comfort of home