How does this website work? 

Our items are Ready Stock, Preorder and Backorder items. Preorder/Backorder starts every Thursday 12pm and ends at Sunday 11:59 pm! So, check out menu PREORDER every Thursday!

  • Ready Stock: If it is a ready stock item, there is no special mention in title and product intro. It will be delivered within 3-5 business days after order confirmation.
  • Preorder Items: Product title starts with [PREORDER] and the intro starts with closing date of preorder and estimated arrival date. Delivery will take normally 4 weeks (Korean brand will produce and send to Singapore. In Singapore, we need to do trimming and quality check for every piece, so it normally takes 4 weeks.) For preorder items, you can check estimated arrival status in the menu PREORDER STATUS: Link
  • Backorder Items: Product title starts with [BACKORDER] and the intro starts with closing date of backorder and estimated arrival date. After ready stock items became sold out and the demand is still high, we open backorder during weekly preorder time (from Thursday to Sunday). It will be under menu PREORDER. The process is exactly the same as preorder. 

How do I know if it you do backorder or restock again for my "wish list" items?

Kindly click on the "email when available" button in each product page. You will receive an automatic email notice when the stock is updated. Another way is to follow our social media so that you can get the latest news about restocks, giveaways, and popups. Instagram account is and Facebook is

How do I track my package delivery status?
You can check the delivery update emails from us. There is a shipment tracking URL which you can see the status of your package delivery. 

Can I exchange or return items?
Yes, we accept exchange or return items. Please see this page in details.

Do you offer free shipping?
We offer free delivery service over S$50 orders (for Singapore orders).

I am living in Singapore. How long does it take in delivery?
We support 3-5 business days delivery for orders.

Do you support international shipping?
Yes, we do. Most countries are available! Read this page for more details.

Can I pick up my items instead of delivery?
Self collection is available on Fridays (3pm to 6pm). Please contact so we can prepare your order beforehand.

Due to covid-19, self collection is not available for the safety of Ksisters team. Thank you for your understanding!

My shipment arrived later than expected. Whom should I contact?
Please contact with your name and order number.

I have lost my packing slip. Can I still return my purchase?
Yes, you can. Please make sure to write your name and order number in the return package.

What do I do if I had an allergic reaction?
If you've experienced an allergic reaction to one of our products, please get in touch with our Customer Service (CS) Team at 
Your input will help us communicate to the brand involved and find an appropriate solution! In your message to our CS Team, please include:
- Your order number/ location of the Popup the item was purchased from;
- The full name of the product that caused an allergic reaction; and
- A detailed description of the symptoms experienced

Our CS Team may also ask for:
- A full view photo of the popup receipt (if applicable);
- Photos of the product; and
- Photos of the affected area

Since different skin types and conditions may react differently to a particular product, we always suggest reviewing the listed ingredients of products to help you identify any sensitivities with certain ingredients/ do a patch test before using any new product.


I have more questions or feedback! 
Awesome! Please email us at or message us