Big Biba Memories of Paris Apron

19 - 22 AUG

23 AUG - 3 SEP


Note: Memories of Paris Apron is on readystock basis, there won't be preorder once sold out!


Founder Oh Jee Hye is an avid antique collector and has developed interests in each countries history through her travels. She has always been searching and collecting old things in earnest, studying the history of their creation and the stories in them. She currently runs Big Biba Collection Museum Shop with a personal goal in mind to open a small decorative museum in the near future. 

The image above is her first Big Biba Collection pop-up showcase.

The core of the products presented at the Big Biba Collection Museum Shop is the story behind each product. Each product has a theme of art history at a certain time in the history of decorative art. ( Decorative arts are arts or crafts where the object is beautiful and functional rather than purely just for its aesthetic qualities. It can also be commonly found in clothing, glassware, ceramics, jewelry, furniture, and textiles.)

Toile de Jouy — sometimes known as 'Toile' is a French word that means linen or cloth from the town of Jouy-en-Josas, suburbs of Paris, originated in France in the late 18th Century. Toile patterned shirts were also widely worn in the 1970s and have become popular all over the world ever since! You can also find it in modern luxury brand items these days ~

Through Paris Dream & Memories of Paris, Big Biba has created a trendy and modern interpreted pattern, as that would be the ideal landscape with the dream of living in the present age. In the future, home living items produced by the Big Biba Collection will also capture stories from various countries and times. 

Toile de Paris is a reinterpretation of Toile de Joy, a unique pattern that cannot be found anywhere else in the world! Big Biba's Toile de Paris Collection captures every corner of the Parisian landscape in her memories!


Through her travels and distinct memories in Paris, she has then created Toile de Paris Memories of Paris Apron — designed with Toile de Jouy pattern with landmarks in Paris.

Comes with 97% Cotton which does not irritate the skin and 3% Spandex with allows you to move freely in the kitchen or when doing household chores~ Founder Oh Jee Hye said it's a godsend combination and is confident that you'll love it as much as she does and she hops that you can experience how gorgeous and well-made these aprons can instantly lift up your mood while in the kitchen! Just like how you sort your clothes according to light and dark colours or fabric type, aprons are also items that must be managed hygienically too.


1. Wash it at a normal temperature.
2. After washing, just take it out, shake it off & hang it on the laundry rack!
3. Unlike oxford or canvas fabric, this cotton and spandex combination does not cause the apron to wrinkle. So even if you do not iron it, it looks fine too!


💖  The shoulder strap has two buttonholes, so you can adjust it according to your height.
💖  If you feel the size is tight, you can wear it more comfortably by moving the button on the waist outward.


Apron comes in a luxurious black sheer bag with Big Biba's logo imprinted on it.


White base with black Toile de Jouy prints.

Size: Free Size

Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex

Washing method: Please place the apparel inside a laundry net bag prior to washing and not into washing machine directly.

Ironing / Steaming: No ironing is required as the material does not wrinkle easily.

Made in Korea.

- There may be a difference in colour and brightness according to your monitor.

- Kindly check the measurements in the size chart before purchasing.
- Refund requests due to a change of mind is strictly not allowed.

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