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Gongmi was very well loved during our Pop Up Event @ Takashimaya!


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Why did I bring Gongmi?

For Ksisters I have to shoot weekly base for new collection and film IG stories daily basis. I have been enjoying a lot to communicate with our followers and customers. The only moment I felt stressed was when my face became really puffy before shooting due to severe morning water retention. Also If I sit very long time on the chair, I always feel bloated and heavy in the late afternoon. So I don't like to wear tight pants or skirt, because I feel discomfort after lunch always! I also have constipation problem when I travel for a long time. Many nights in hotels and airplanes I had to fight with water retention and constipation. 

<This photo was taken during my Indonesia Business trip! Look at my puffy face when morning water retention and many "not going to toilet" day combined!>

I know that I need to go to gym and exercise more, but as a mum of two young kids and a founder of small business, I really don't have enough time. ( I know it is an excuse, but if I have time I would rather sleep haha) 

So, when I heard about this Gongmi Detox, which is really hot in Korea now, I wanted to try for myself. So I personally bought and tried from July and really liked it. What I really liked about it is 1)It is so easy to consume and carry thanks to its sachet type and 2)made with simple & safe ingredients! So it is one of most loved water retention tea and constipation enzyme for pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mums! and it is FOOD (not diet medicine), so there is no side effect after taking long term!

That is why I quickly contacted Gongmi HQ, and after so many sleepless nights and meetings, Luckily Gongmi HQ approved our distributorship in Singapore as a sole distributor, I feel extremely proud!

WHAT is Gongmi?

GongMi -  Gongmi starts from the concept of “Beauty begins within.” Gongmi helps to detox and purify your body on the inside, promoting healthier & lighter me!  

<Check out Gongmi Intro video from Gonmi HQ>

Founder Kim Dongyeon was news anchor in Korea, and like other anchors she was always concerned about how she looks on Morning News. This is especially so as she had serious morning water retention problem. So she tried many methods, but most of them were only temporary effect and wasn’t healthy, only making her feel bloated.

So she teamed up with Korean Oriental Medicine Doctor, Jeong Hyun Jae (which is renowned Detox expert) and made Gongmi Tea & Enzyme, which helps you feel lighter only in healthy and natural way. Its ingredient is all from mother nature.

<Doctor Jeong Hyunjae's interview about the product>

Gongmi business started in 2015, and quickly became the very famous “The Water Retention Tea, which started all water retention tea boom” and “Constipation Enzyme powder” in Korea!

It was nicknamed as “news anchor beauty secret” and “pregnant mama tea” known as best water retention tea after delivery. So in Korean confinement centers (yes we don’t do confinement at home, we go to this center for 2-3 weeks), many new born baby mamas did group purchase Gongmi set to eliminate water retention! It is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding! I know many ladies have constipation during pregnancy, then consider Gongmi Enzyme as a safe choice!

Gongmi brand started in 2015 and started water retention tea boom in Korea! Word of mouth was so powerful that major department stores like Galleria, Lotte, and Hyundai started to stock Gongmi! (Check out my Hyundai department store visit in July! - 2nd & 3rd videos) also major TV home shopping channels like Lotte and NS launched Gongmi too. Especially NS channel is top food shopping channel(very difficult to be listed)! So once you are introduced in this channel, your quality is guaranteed in a way! Even after many years, it is still no.1 in water retention tea category thanks to its high quality! 

How Gongmi Tea/ Enzyme works?

Gongmi tea is for Water Retention! Gonmi enzyme is for Constipation. Both products are made differently, but starting from same principle! How to detox our body in a healthy way?

Why do we(ladies) feel heavy, bloated, and tired all the time?
The main reason for these symptoms is the circulatory disturbance from our unbalanced body. 

Why circulation problem is happening to women?
The basal metabolism of female decreases more dramatically with aging than male's so the the female body doesn't use up the energy rather accumulate inside the body So for better circulation and balance in the body it is very important to detox and cleanse.

How can we detox our body?
In Korean Oriental Medicine, we believe the best circulation of our body comes from maintaining cool chest, well circulated stomach, and warm lower abdomen. Dong Yi Bao Jian said Bamboo leafs, Atractylodes lancea, and Cinnamon will help to warm your lower body and better circulation, so it will help you feel more energetic and vital as a result.

Gongmi Enzyme has only 2 ingredients.

Embryo Bud of Rice and Wild Black Bean are fermented together by Aspergillus Oryzae, which helps bowel movement and constipation. Gongmi enzyme contains rich Carbohydrase Enzyme (Alpha Amylase) and Proteolytic Enzyme (Protease). Gongmi Enzyme is fermented with most natural and traditional way, which makes the process harder.

Gongmi Enzyme : Open up the sachet. Drink with water or eat with yoghurt! 1 time per day. 1 box has 28 sachets, so it is good for 1 month consumption.

If you have circulatory disturbance or you want to feel lighter(faster),  you can try 2 sachets per day for first month. and continue to consume 1 time per day in 2nd month. 

For Morning - Consume it in empty stomach! Swallow with water or Eat with yoghurt. I usually try to eat with yoghurt, but if I have no time, I just consume with water. 

For night time - 1 hour before sleep, you can consume with water.

Even though you are having Gongmi set, if you always eat late night snacks or even eat more than usual amount, You can't expect to feel lighter. During Gongmi Detox days, please remember that you are doing herbal detox, so try to eat lighter and avoid late night snacks!

Taste:  Enzyme has its own fermented smell, my team says it smells like chicken sausage! 

<Consumer Tester Review>


Enzyme Ingredients: Rice Bran Enzyme, Fermented Black Soy Bean, Aspergillus Oryzae

Expiry Date: 16 May 2023

<Play the video in 2nd image! Gongmi facility has HALAL & GMP (good manufacturing practice) certificate>

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