Mowani Glass Bell Glass (6 Colours)


Please kindly note that this product is NOT available for international shipping.

Please kindly note that the following phenomena may occur during the glass blowing process and the reasons below are not applicable for exchanges or refunds.

  • Air bubbles may be generated during the glass blowing process
  • Indentation imprint on glass due to blow pipe spot may occur
  • Flow marks or clumping that occurs during glazing process
  • Difference between colour tone and subtle gradient 

*There may be a difference in colour and brightness according to your monitor.
*Please note that each piece is unique and may differ from the pictures, no two is the same as they are all traditionally blown by the artist.

Today's Korean Home Cafe with Ksisters: We're bringing you the up and coming handmade glass craft brand, Mowani Glass ( —  capturing style and emotions in the form of transparent objects like glass and various materials (for example, glass with ceramic, metal, fabric, natural founds and more). 

An emerging glass artist in South Korea, Yoowan Yang (absolute_mowaniis the artist behind Mowani Glass and she has also completed a Fine Arts degree, majoring in glass blowing. Her work incorporates a distinctive, honest style, which focuses on the natural beauty of glass. She combines traditional materials and modern techniques to create innovative glass works. Every piece is traditionally blown and handmade — No two are the same!  

The brand is also named after the shape-mocked wool, the beautiful wan in Yoowan's name, implying a beautiful form of work. Mowani Glass was launched for the artist to express herself in more diverse worlds and fields and she hopes that it will become a beautiful moment in your daily lives.

How does the artist focus: “Since glass is a fragile material, I always start with the music and light up the candle to calm down and focus myself", as shared by Yoowan in her interview with Speaker Official.

With the change of times, our homes have gradually shifted from being a residential space to rest to that of a living space where we spend most of our time in our daily lives. Given that, lifestyle items have become such a big part of our lives to both demonstrate beautiful uses and serve as decorative objects. 

In case you didn't know: Traditional glass blowing involves the continuous blowing of hot glass that melts like hot jelly at the end of the hollow pipe while facing the fire closest to it. From there, it is then shaped by swinging, rolling, or blowing. To put them into simple words, shaping the material using heat and blowing. We would say that this form of art, though simple, has the ability to create awe-inspiring art or even crafts catered to our daily lives.

To achieve the desirable colour, the glass artist will then colour the glass by adding metal oxides or metal powders to the molten glass. The glass will then take on a particular colour depending on the metal. How cool is that! 

We love how the property of glass emits light by itself no matter which kind of space you place them in. The momentary shape of the light coming out through the glass is the ultimate beauty that can't be compared with anything else. As recommended by Yoowan, glass compliments well with cold food, for example, sashimi, salads, fruits as well as drinks, rather than hot food.

If you would like to add a unique touch to your dining and coffee table settings for your usual dining experience or during special occasions, Mowani Glass Glassware is definitely a great addition!

Check out the video to see how they look like in real life!

Every piece is traditionally blown. that explains why each shape may differ from one another. Please kindly see the picture below for your reference! 

What we love about it? Mowani Glass Bell Glass includes your usual round glass shape with a drop-shaped foot, connected with a 1 tiered ball of soft pastel colours and Mowani Glass' signature bubbles (created by artificially forming in the glass block; due to its handmade nature, the quantity and size of air bubbles may vary). When viewed from above, the colour of the foot is clearly reflected.

This Bell Glass is definitely a good start if you would like to introduce glassware into your daily life. Perfect for drinking your chill iced latte or liquor if you are a fan of drinking soju, beer or what not. Simply place one on your table and it inadvertently changes or elevates the entire table setting. The perfect statement piece to display at home or even for gifting your friends and family!

  • Clear: Classic never goes wrong
  • Pink: Feminine touch
  • Violet: Happy and calming
  • Yellow: Warm and energising 
  • Sky Blue: Associated with clarity of blue skies and refreshing
  • Green: Associated with good luck and nature

Don't forget to pair it together with your plates from MUJAGI STUDIO and the beautiful table trays from Le'enmi, your table setting is all set! 

    Product Information

    Available Colours: Clear, Pink #50, Violet #53, Yellow #12, #46 Sky Blue, Green
    Weight: 280g (May vary from 260-300g due to handmade nature)
    Size: Width 7.3cm / Diameter 7.3cm / Height 15.5cm (Due to its handmade nature, the actual size varies from product to product), 300ml 
    Country of Manufacture:
     South Korea
    Material: Bell Glass (Blown) 

    • Note: DO NOT place it in a microwave oven, dishwasher or expose it to high temperatures e.g. heating, cooking as this may cause product abnormality after being exposed to chemicals or high temperatures.

    Washing instructions: Please kindly take note that to use the normal scrub sponge for washing these dinnerware. Please DO NOT use metal scrub sponge (stainless steel sponge).

    PRODUCTION: Please keep in mind that the product is made in a handcraft workshop and made to order, refunds/exchanges are strictly not allowed. Please kindly consider carefully before placing an order.

    • There may be slight differences in size, pattern, weight, colour density, pattern and gloss for each product, due to handmade production and the process of glass blowing.

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