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South Korea is more than just an Asian beauty mecca, it's booming street food culture is one to note!

Besides its ever iconic spicy rice cakes and fishcakes (read: tteokbokki and odeng), a sweet treat favoured by many locals and tourists alike is hotteok, which is essentially a Korean pancake that is crispy on the outside with a sweet honey sauce filling on the inside. And the best way to pair this delicious dessert? With a nutritious glass of soy milk!

Ksisters has just launched the Korean Wild Simulated Ginseng Soymilk Sweet! You can easily recreate a scrumptious and nutritious Korean street food-inspired meal - and have fun making them with your kids, spouse and friends too - in the comfort of your own home with our latest Korean Wild Simulated Ginseng Soymilk Sweet (pro-tip: it tastes better when chilled). Healthy soy milk is also a huge trend in Korea now so be sure to try it out for yourself! 

This premium soy milk drink is packed with tons of nutrients and can be consumed by the entire family from young kids to elderly grandparents. It contains 4 key natural ingredients with the first being 5-years old Simulated Wild Ginseng from Pyeongchang - yes, where all the ski resorts are located! High mountain and cleanest nature area in Korea! 

What is Wild Simulated Ginseng?

Also known as Sanyangsam(Moutain -grown - ginseng in Korean), to simulate wild ginseng's goodness, human plant ginseng seed in wild nature and let it grow without nay pesticides or fertilizer unlike farmed ginseng. it has to grow by itself in the most natural way just like wild ginseng! Except the fact that humans plant seeds or baby ginseng in wild nature, it is very close to Wild Ginseng. That is why it is called "Wild Simulated" Ginseng!

Why Pyeongchang Wild Simulated Ginseng is more special?

Out of many Wild Simulated Ginseng, Pyeongchang ones are more special! Because this area is protected as a Wild Ginseng Historical Relics area since King Yeongjo’s Joseon Dynasty period in the 18th century. Due to its uniqueness, this signature Pyeongchang Sanyangsam is registered as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) #55, which identifies itself as an agriculture product wherein its quality, reputation and other characteristics are linked to its geographical origin - think Manuka Honey!

Wild Simulated Ginseng is found to contain 20 times more saponin than regular farm-grown ginseng and it also helps to mask the unique fishy smell of soy beans. Saponin also works together with a trademarked Colloid Technology that was co-developed with Seoul National University Lab to allow for a creamy and smooth texture that is not powdery for easy drinking. That is why wild simulated ginseng soymlik does not have to contain synthetic and artificial additives like sweetener, stabilizers, emulsifier and fragrances, making it safe for breastfeeding mums and kids.

100% Korean Soy Beans (Non-GMO) and Marine Algae Extract are infused in the formula to boost calcium and nutrition levels while persimmon extracts are used as natural sweeteners to promote heart health and aid in maintaining a strong digestive system.  

  • 100% Korean Soybean wholly grounded, making it thick and hearty!
  • Original PyeongChang Wild simulated Ginseng Added
  • Marine Algae Extract added for Calcium
  • No artificial additives (sweetner, stabilizer, emulsifier), only natural ingredients!
  • Persimmon, a natural product, added for taste and nutrients!


    Consumption Method and Warnings:
    • This product is mainly made with soybeans, but consumers sensitive to ginseng should consult a doctor or pharmacist before

    • Shake the product for 10 seconds before consumption to mix up contents

    • Eat immediately after opening

    • If the packaging is modified, expanded, damaged or if there is an issue with the contents, do not consume

    • Do not heat the product in a microwave

    Instructions for Storage:
    • Store in a cool area away from direct sunlight

    • Store to prevent the product from freezing (the nature of whole soybeans can cause a clumping reaction if frozen and melted)

    • Store in refrigerator to drink it chilled (it tastes better too)

    Variant Choice Guideline:

    1. 1 Box, 15 Packets (5% DC, save $2): We recommend this variant if it is your first time trying the Korean Wild Simulated Ginseng Soymilk Sweet . 

    2. 4 Boxes, 60 Packets (20% DC, save $32): Get this variant if you would like to stock up or gift the Korean Wild Simulated Ginseng Soymilk Sweet to your loved ones and want to enjoy a bigger discount. 



    Q1. Can anyone consume this product?

    A1. This product is suitable for everyone.

    Q2. Is this product suitable for those who can't eat ginseng?

    A2. The main ingredient of this product are soybeans and can be consumed by anyone. However, if one is sensitive to ginseng, it is recommended to consult a doctor or pharmacist before consumption. For consideration, 1 box (15 packs) contains one wood cultivate ginseng root (3g).

    Q3. Are there any additives included in the formula?

    A3. This product does not include any additives (sugar, emulsifiers, flavouring, etc.) Only natural ingredients are used.

    Q4. Is this product made with 100% Korean ingredients?

    A4. Korean beans, Korean wild simulated ginseng, Korean marine algae powder and Korean persimmon were used for this product.

    Q5. There is no ginseng smell, why is that?

    A5. The product used a smell reduction technology to help everyone consume ginseng.

    Q6. What is the shelf life of the product?

    A6. It is 8 months after manufacture.

    Ingredients : Soybean Extract 94% ( Soybean solution - 100% Korean Soybean, Solids accounting for more than 7%), Persimmon Extract 3.3%, Wild Simulated Ginseng Extract 1%, Purified Water 1.295% Yak-kong (Korean Yak-kong powder) 0.1%, Marine Algae powder 0.175%, Bay Salt 0.13%

    Expiry Date : 2020 Nov 03 

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