Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack
Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack
Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack
Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack
Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack
Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack
Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack
Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack
Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack
Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack
Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack
Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack
Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack

Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack


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After I started to introduce #Ksistersbeauty, Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack was the first item I decided to launch for sure. It is already quite established in Korea, and after I experienced its great effect, I could understand why it is so popular. I have planned its launch as next year, but after bebetox I have got so many requests about pore deepcleansing product launch, so decided to launch this year.


<Check out my video of 10 days experience. you can also find my original Instagram Story in my Instagram account highlight in profile>

With its popularity, they started to host pop-ups in Hyundae department stores and recently opened a stylish showroom in Cheongdam dong! If you are travelling to Seoul, visit their showroom.

Sparkling Pack is the signature item that actually made Serendi Beauty so successful after Get It Beauty Pore Special Episode few years back. In 2019 May, it has been introduced as best self wedding care maskpack in Getitbeauty again! 2 times being in Getitbeauty is something very honorable in Korea!

  It is also widely used in many Korean aesthetic shops, and a 1 time service fee can cost from $180 SGD. I have also done a search in many SG facial clinics and they also offer similar treatments like Oxygen/ CO2 care, which can easily cost up to $150-200 SGD! Now let’s try Sparkling Pack together with Ksisters, which is known as “every homecare guru’s must have item” in Korea.

  1. With Pore Deep Cleansing, it Helps to Achieve Glass Skin: Through BOHR effect (exchange between Oxygen and CO2), it removes impurities and rebalances water and oil on the skin. After removing impurities, rich nutrients penetrate into deeper tissue, which helps you to get clear and brighter skin.
  2. Skin Elasticity UP! & Ease off Water Retention and Bruise: By stimulating elastin, it helps to restore healthy and elastic skin. Phellinus Linteus extract in Sparkling Pack also eases off bruise and water retention, helping to regain balanced skin.   
  3. Perfect for Troubled Skin and Sensitive Skin: Total care of Sparkling Pack will help you to solve the fundamental problem of your skin. Regular usage will improve the overall skin condition.
  4. Best Prep Pack before Makeup: It is introduced in “Get It Beauty” (best beauty-specialized programme in Korea) and recommended as “D-day pack” and “Makeup Prep Pack” by many beauty influencers. So many ladies use it before profile photo shoots, interviews, and wedding photo shoots for best preparation! 
<Check below video. It was introduced as Celeb Seolhyun's D-day Pack before concert  in "Beauty Plus">

    Key Point

    Why do dermatology clinics and premium facial spas use Sparkling Pack? How does it work?

    BOHR Effect (Oxygen and CO2 exchange process)

    • STEP 1. Pore Deep-cleanse (Impurities, Toxin, Keratin, and Sebum discharge)
    • STEP 2. Nutrition Penetration

    When Alkali gel in syringe meets Citric Acid in special treated Sparkling Pack sheet, Carbonic Acid will be generated. Throughout this BOHR effect (Oxygen and CO2 exchange), impurities in pores will be eliminated and nutrition (inside gel) will penetrate the pores deeply. During this process, pores, complexion, and sensitive skin will be effectively treated as a total care.

    STEP 1 Pore Deep-cleanse and Skin Restoration.

    • Very effective for pore care with pore and skin deep-cleanse
    • With BOHR effect, elastin in skin will be stimulated. Skin elasticity UP & water retention ease-off
    • Restore skin condition by activating self-purification of skin

    STEP 2 Plenty of Nutrition Supply.


    What’s so special about Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack?

    Patented Technology! It is more special than other Oxygen mask packs in market!

    1. Continuing BOHR effect: I found many Korean consumer reviews mentioned about this point. Unlike other Oxygen masks, Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack technology made BOHR effect last till the end, so its effectiveness is much better than other brands. So many ladies said they went to cheaper grade Oxygen brand but always came back because the effect is really different.
    2. Lesser Stress: It doesn’t contain thickeners, so there is lesser stress for the skin. The formula is also more stable.
    3. Stable: Even though the gel is alkali, it can maintain the stable texture with its patented technology

      We recommend this product for people who have these problems

      ✔️Blackheads and whiteheads, and big pore issues

      ✔️Whose face get easily swollen and face feel very stuffy

      ✔️When makeup products are not easily applied due to rough & crumbly skin

      ✔️When you have skin trouble often

      ✔️If you have many oil bumps

      Have you tried all those famous great moisturizers and expensive skin care, but never settled in one brand? Do you feel your skin never fully absorb it rather only getting more breakouts like you have an upset stomach after overeating? 

      Time for your Skin Detox! Try this Deep-cleansing sparkling pack intensively! Start 10 Days Serendi Detox by masking Sparkling pack every other day. After 10 days intensive program your skin will be detoxed and ready to restart. Well emptied skin will be ready to absorb well whatever you give!

      You can continue to use Sparkling pack every 3-4 days to maintain. (Our 5 box bundle pack will be perfect for this 3 months trial!). 

      HOW TO USE Sparkling Pack

      After washing, remove water before masking. Sorry it is a bit different with Ksisters’ usual skin care tip - “Ditch the towel, use the cotton pad soaked in toner” It is to maximize BOHR effect, so please understand this exception! After sparkling pack, your pores and surface of skin is deep-cleansed! I like to finish with IWLT toner - Bebetox ampoule - Chilled sheet mask or Skinpack as after care!

      1. Apply evenly gel 20ml on your face
      2. Put the sparkling mask specialized sheet
      3. After 15-20 minutes(If your skin is healthy you can leave upto 30 minutes), wash off with warm water
      4. Finish with your daily routine

      Sparkling Pack Home Care Tip

      1. After sparkling pack, it is best time to do sheet mask! Because it just deep-cleansed your skin, it can maximize the nutrition absorption. Or I would like to do Skinpack with our IWLT toner!
      2. Press down more for your trouble area. You will be surprise by carbonic acid generation feeling! It feels like swallowing Coke abruptly, but on your skin. Haha! But after 2-3 times, I started to enjoy this tingling or stinging feeling as part of beauty process. Since Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack’s patented technology makes it keep generating Carbonic Acid, press down the sheet so that it can react better.
      3. How to clean gel more thoroughly? After removing sheet, use cleansing tissue, cotton pad, spatula, or sponge to remove gel first. Then, wash-off is easier.
      4. Don’t use with other peeling products on the same day. For example, I like our C200 Bubble Peeling Pad and use it once a week. But I make sure that I don’t use them on the same day. Too much stress for skin.


      1. I feel this tingling and stinging feeling! It is a very natural feeling from Oxygen and CO2 exchange process and in fact, it is how this product’s deep-cleansing works! So don’t worry about it! It is not skin burning.
      2. My face become red after usage. It is a temporary effect and natural reaction from Oxygen and CO2 exchange process. But the extent is different by individual. It will be gone after 10-20 minutes so don’t worry!
      3. Can pregnant ladies use? It is made with botanical formula, so you can use! And many pregnant ladies are already using it. But if you are a pregnant lady with sensitive skin we recommend to get consultation from the doctor with the full ingredient list.
      4. How often can I use? For sensitive, troubled, and pimple-prone skin, you can use 1-2 times weekly for 20 minutes per use. For normal skin, you can leave it around 30 minutes and use 2-3 times weekly. For first 10 days, you can use every other day(normal skin case). And after finishing 1st box, keep using it 2~3 times weekly to maintain.
      5. How is it different with C200 peeling pad? Both Sparkling Packs and C200 Peeling Pad are good for skin deep-cleanse, but how it works is totally different. Sparkling pack is more focused on Pore deep-cleansing with Oxygen & CO2 exchange process and Bubble Peeling pad is more for skin surface exfoliation with AHA and it also gives brightening effect from Vitamin C 200mg. So I still keep using them both in different days. Sparkling Pack on Monday and Thursday and Bubble Peeling + IWLT all in one mask on Saturday.
      • AHA(Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) are acids derived from natural substances such as sugar cane, milk, and grapes, which exfoliate the skin's surface and have the added benefit of also improving moisture content.

      Recommended Product to Match with Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack:

      1. Serendibeauty Bubbltox cleanser : To maximize the effect of Sparkling pack use bubbletox cleanser together! It will gently yet effectively preo your skin before sparkling pack.
      2. BEBETOX pore tightening program. Since you just deep-cleansed, bebetox ampoule and repair cream will be fully absorbed to deep tissue! (But don’t use MTS roller on the same day with Sparkling pack! Too stressful for your skin! Use roller in another day like Monday - Sparkling pack and Wednesday - Bebetox.
      3. IWLT all in one mask. Since you just deep-cleansed, IWLT all in one mask ingredients will be fully absorbed too! Don’t miss this good chance.
      4. IWLT toner : Try Skinpack or 7skin method. If your skin needs only very gentle calming try skinpack or 7 Skin methods with our IWLT toner. Chilled skinpack really calms my skin every time. 7skin method doesn’t have to be literally 7 times layering. My magic number is 3-4. With this multiple layering I can calm my skin and deeply moisturize! (Detailed HOW TO in our IWLT toner page)

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      Full Ingredient List :

      Gel - Water, Glacier Water, Glycerin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Triethanolamine, Algin, 1,2-Hexanediol, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, Carbomer, Phellinus Linteus Extract, Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract, Rheum Palmatum Root/ Stalk Extract, Asarum Sieboldi Root Extract, Larix Sibirica Wood Extract, Quercus Mongolia Leaf Extract, Persicaria Hydropiper Extract, Illicium Verum (Anise) Fruit Extract, Corydalis Turtsch aninovii Root Extract, Coptis Japonica Root Extract, Machilus Thunbergii bark Extract, Ascorbic Acid

      Sheet - Water, Citric Acid, Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben

      Expiry Date : 6 Sep 2020


      For best result use Bubbletox Cleanser together : Link

      (Recommended to use before Sparkling pack for greater result!) 


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