ARLY x Ksisters - 8:00 In The Morning Kit


Back in January 2021, Airin, a well-loved make up artist from ARLY and Ksisters came together to create a fuss free beauty kit - 8:00 In The Morning!

This 8:00 In The Morning Kit is specially curated by Airin with the thought of looking good naturally. Airin carefully chose the shades for the Melting Lip Powder for each skin tone (Light, Medium, Dark). This kit is suitable for everyone including make-up beginners as the products are so forgiving and easy to use.

Why 8:00 In The Morning? 

The first impression of the name may just sound like 8am in the morning but there is actually much more to this name. 

It was first inspired by our initial idea to create a fuss free beauty kit that gets you prepared within 8 minutes at 8am in the morning. At the same time, we wanted to encourage people to be more mindful of what they can do at the start of everyday to feel better about yourself and start the day right!  

"8" in 8:00 In The Morning can be interpreted in many ways such as spending 8 minutes, having 8 routines or 8 steps in the morning and many more. Especially during this tough period in which everyone is advised to stay at home, it is all the more important to have time for self care and to take care of your mental wellness. We want to encourage you to dedicate 8 minutes of your time or have 8 routines every morning to care for yourself. 

Jungmin's Note

I've always been very impressed with Airin's makeup skills and invited her to be our makeup artist during our VIP Seminar in January featuring CLE products. Airin really loved the products and suggested to do a collaboration. I felt that this was a good idea as I thought that Arly's belief was aligned to ours when we first brought in CLE to Ksisters. With Airin's knowledge on beauty and makeup I was happy for her to curate a fuss free makeup kit that is suitable for everyone, even beginners like me.

Airin's Note

When I first tried CLE products, I was so impressed that I knew immediately that I had to do something with it. The opportunity to collaborate with Ksisters was very appropriate as a lot of people have been asking if we were selling our pouches and muslin cloth but we were not exactly geared into that direction. So we decided to have them exclusively in this kit and to create a beauty kit that help you achieve that looking good naturally look. 

The products included are so versatile and are suitable for everyone as seen on our 3 models of different ages and skin tone.

8:00 In The Morning Kit (Light)

This kit is specially curated by Airin based on the shades that suit light skin tone the best! ⁠

  • 1 CLE CCC Cream 

    (light, medium light or warm light shade of your choice)⁠

  • 2 CLE Melting Lip Powder (Nude Blush, Barbie Pink)
  • 1 CLE Lifting Mist (Only available in this kit)
  • EXCLUSIVE gifts of a ARLY Pouch, 1 Muslin Cloth & 1 Face Sponge.

8:00 In The Morning Kit (Medium)

This kit is specially curated by Airin based on the shades that suit medium skin tone the best! ⁠

  • 1 CLE CCC Cream 

    (warm medium light/medium/warm medium shade of your choice)⁠⁠

  • 2 CLE Melting Lip Powder (Desert Rose, Mocha Creme)
  • 1 CLE Lifting Mist (Only available in this kit)
  • EXCLUSIVE gifts of a ARLY Pouch, 1 Muslin Cloth & 1 Face Sponge.

8:00 In The Morning Kit (Dark)

This kit is specially curated by Airin based on the shades that suit dark skin tone the best! ⁠

  • 1 CLE CCC Cream  

    (medium deep/golden medium deep/deep shade of your choice)⁠⁠

  • 2 CLE Melting Lip Powder (Hot Choco, Plum Medium)
  • 1 CLE Lifting Mist (Only available in this kit)
  • EXCLUSIVE gifts of a ARLY Pouch, 1 Muslin Cloth & 1 Face Sponge.

Get ready fast and easy with 8:00 In The Morning Kit!

Step 1: Prep your face with CLE Lifting Mist 

About CLE Lifting Mist (Only available in this kit; not sold separately)

Our Lifting Mist acts as a multi-functional toner and hydrating step for any comprehensive skincare ritual. Formulated with one of nature’s most powerfully hydrating and skin-brightening ingredients, the Snow Mushroom (Tremella Fuciformis), Lifting Mist holds incredible water-retention properties that delivers deep moisture to the skin, instantly lifts and tightens, and gives your complexion a healthy, plump appearance. 

How to Use: 

- Shake the Lifting Mist bottle and spray 3 to 4 times onto dry, cleansed skin.

Usage tips: 

- Use this throughout the day - before touching up your makeup or to soothe your skin.

- Allow the facial toner to settle and fully absorb into skin. Repeat any time of the day.

Step 2: Apply CLE CCC Cream 

About CLE CCC Cream 

This multifunctional BB cream and CC cream combining the various benefits of all-in-one skincare, foundation, primer, and sun protection uses Micro Capsule Technology to smoothly transition the cream's initial colour to blend in with your skin tone. Upon application, the capsule will release essence and tint, providing hydration to the skin and flawless coverage.

Shade Guide


- Apply a pea-sized amount of CCC Cream to cleansed & prepped skin.

- Using your fingertips, blend from the center of your face outward (*the warmth from your fingers will help bring the pigment out)

- Continue to blend with your fingertips until the capsules release their pigment and the color adjusts to your skin tone. If extra coverage is preferred, build upon the color by adding another pea-sized amount of CCC Cream to skin after the first layer has set in.

*Can be worn as a lightweight foundation or as a makeup base.

Step 3: Use CLE Melting Lip Powder for your lips, eyes or cheeks

About CLE Melting Lip Powder 

A capsulized lip product that transforms pigmented powder into a long-wearing lip tint with a deep, matte finish, thanks to its hero ingredient Vitamin E. Using Micro Capsule Technology - a sensitive process necessitating the perfect balance of microscopic capsules - the capsules release tint and essence, providing colour and moisture when impacted, by temperature or by friction.

While powder lipsticks commonly have a bad rap for drying out your lips, the CCC lip powder does the opposite and maintains moisture on your lips with Coconut oil as one of the ingredients. You’ll notice your lips did not have to sacrifice moisture even after a few hours of application!

Shade Reference


Using the included lip applicator, fingertips, or makeup brush, apply Melting Lip Powder directly onto the desired area.

- Once friction is applied, the powder will dissolve into a long-lasting tint. All colors can be mixed together and/or layered to create your own customized shade and can be used on lips, eyes, and cheeks.
The first initial applications of the Melting Lip Powder will release powder fallouts. After a few uses, the encapsulated essence will release, effectively “melting” the powder and making it easier to apply without losing any product.

Exclusive Free Gifts 

These exclusive Arly products cannot be purchased anywhere, but only available in our kit! These items complement the products, giving you a whole rounded experience from getting ready to washing up and winding down. All of the products fit perfectly into the Arly Pouch, so grab your pouch and you're good to go! 

Arly Pouch 

Muslin Cloth 

Keku Face Sponge


Complying with Covid-19 rules can be challenging for when 2 differentiations teams need to get things done but to make sure everything is well and in order for this collaboration, Ksisters Team and ARLY Team work hard together through multiple online meetings and text messages for this to be successful! If there's a will, there's a way!

Remember the photos of the models you saw just now? They were taken in ARLY's studio! Ksisters Team were so amazed on how it turned out!

While the video is filmed in Ksisters's cozy office!

To commemorate this collaboration, ARLY and Ksisters held a giveaway for #ksistersfam - A PAIR of Beauty Appreciation Workshop* Pass with Airin at Arly! ⁠Bring a your BFF along for some quality bonding time!

*Currently on hold due to covid restrictions 

We had a lot of fun and laughter while working on this collaboration and because of Airin's passionate love for CLE products, the support and rapport between Ksisters and ARLY Team was extraordinary. Thanks to everyone who was part of this in one way or another, this collaboration was a huge success and has garnered interest from many!

We hope that this kit brings you joy and motivation to start day right, be it working from home or a long day out away from home. Let's continue to look good and feel good to lift our spirits up through this tough period of uncertainty.

Rest assured that Ksisters will be working on more delightful collaborations and works in the future to brighten up your day! Stay tune!

With love,
Team Ksisters

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