[Event] Ksisters Beauty Cafe at TANGS (22-28 Nov)

Ending off on a sweet note with one of our biggest event of the year 2019 - Ksisters Beauty Cafe at TANGS! 

This is also one of Ksisters major milestone that we would like to bring to our Ksisters family! Bringing the hipster Korean cafe concept (that is always known for) that allow our customers to experience K-beauty. Also a platform we would like to create for our customers as Your K-Beauty Destination that you can head to understand more about the latest K-beauty and proper skincare recommendation! 

[Image: check out our cafe menu board with 4-step skincare guide] 

[Image: Ksisters curated 4-step K-beauty set] 

[Image: Our K-Beauty Barista with signature Ksisters pink apron] 

This pop up is also extremely special to us as we launched our first K-beauty curated set base on skin concern to help ladies manage proper skincare routine due to busy lifestyle and also a special gifting set this coming festive holiday! Consult our K-Beauty Barista for a skin diagnosis before finding out which set is suitable for your needs

[Image: Ksisters cafe, skin diagnosis sheet with skincare recommendation for each skin concern] 

4 K-Beauty Curated Set: 

For Calm and Hydrated Skin (Skin Concern: Dry/Sensitive)

For Poreless, Balanced Skin (Skin Concern: Oily/ Combi )

For Supple, Youthful Skin (Skin Concern: Aging)

For Radiant, Glowing Skin (Skin concern: Dullness)

On top of the specially curated gift set, Ksisters have also created special fruit tea (from Korea) to serve our ladies after their consultation base on their Skin concern.

[Image: from left to right] 

Aging Skin: Rose Hibiscus Lemon Water 

Dull Skin: Magnolia Grapefruit Water

Dry/ Sensitive Skin: Goldenwave Orange Water

Oily/ Combi Skin: Acacia Lime Water

Ksisters is also privilege to have @larryyeo, well-known beauty expert and make-up artist in the beauty scene to join us in our Ksisters event to educate our customer and recommend what is truly best for their skin base with his expertise and knowledge in cosmetic science! 


And nevertheless THANK YOU to our dear customers and friends who specially drop by by taking leave, during your lunch time and family time just to find us!

Ksisters Beauty Cafe at TANGS is being loved so so much because of your overwhelming support and love towards us! We could not have done without you! We hope you enjoy the whole experience we offer during this period! Meanwhile, We will keep pushing ourselves to evolve to Better Ksisters to serve you better! We think that is only way to repay your love ❤️and truly hope to see all our dear customers soon! We will truly miss the interaction with you! 

For ladies, who are still interested in our Tangs 4-step K-Beauty Kit, click on this link to find out more! 

 A trip down the memory lane: