[KR's No.1 Collagen Program, July 22] Phillane's Journey

Phillane is an Event Stylist from Med Kärlek Inc. who's constantly running out of time because she's always trying to juggle her time between work, family & her kids but she's learning to have fun while at it!

She feels that a lot of women take care of their needs last but they don’t realise how crucial it is to first look after themselves so that they can accomplish more.⁠

Lavien collagen has helped her skin look and feel less tired. With her hectic work schedule and lifestyle, her skin dries out and looks dull during busy season so Lavien’s collagen has helped her skin look more awake and youthful. She also pair Lavien’s collagen program with Gua Sha for her face and she see's a difference in her smile lines!