A Special Project with Mr Husband

Annyeong Ksistersfam!

Since it's February, a month of love, we would like to share a sweet story ~

Last November, a husband of one of our VIPs approached us for help to surprise his wife for 25 days in December. Knowing that his wife is an avid follower of Ksisters, he approached us to recommend products for each day including 2 special days - his wife's birthday and Christmas Day. Hearing his plan, we were really honoured to see the tremendous faith he has in us!

After doing some detective work, we figured out her skin type and products that she likes and recommended 25 products within his budget to him. Of the 25 products, we included W.Sen Petit Fiore Gold Earrings and LOVE Necklace' by Kimmi Studio for her birthday gift and Christmas gift respectively.

After he gave us the ok sign and placed the order, we proceeded to pack all the items.

He then came down to the office to add in some decorative items and notes for his wife. How sweet! 

Once all the boxes were packed and sealed, he brought them home to hide. Subsequently, from 1st Dec to 25th Dec, he placed each box at the doorstep as though the parcels were delivered to her. She was really surprised on the first day and everything went well for the next 24 days. 

At the end of this project, his wife sent us a message informing us that she was really touched and happy. 

It truly warms our heart to know that our products bring great joy to our customers and are well loved. Though this is an exceptional request and we may not be able to do it often (case by case basis), we're really proud to see the trust that our customers have in us. 

Everyday can be Valentine's day when you celebrate love each day. We really appreciate all the love and support from all of you. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for trusting us and having so much faith in our products. Last but not least, saranghaeyo #ksistersfam!  

With love,

Team Ksisters

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