[VIP] Appreciation Gifting 2021

[Thank You] I believe 2020 has been an unexpected year for everyone and that include Ksisters! It was a year of change, to learn / relearn, to innovate & to connect differently.

Looking back, it was also around last year this time we have our pop up at Takashimaya and we get to connect face to face with everyone for the last time in the year!

But in 2020, I can’t be more grateful and thankful enough how our #Ksistersvip community have always been there support us throughout the year. Your assurance in our products, satisfactory reviews & feedback was really what motivated our team to keep going at our best! And what makes us really touched was to have #ksistersvip forge new friendships, friends reconnecting back through our products!

This year, we would like to appreciate our #Ksistersvip. We know what we have prepared is still far from your amazing love and support for Ksisters! But we hope that our little appreciation will make you happy!

During the past few weeks, we’ve emailed Ksisters VIPs who were active in 2020 regarding the gifts that we have prepared for you. We gave out Dior, Sentimental diffuser set, Hayoon Kim korean knot cutlery set, Lavien daily cleansing foam, & Ohiohoo oh no red mask. *Gifts varies based on your spendings in 2020. We wanted to bring some joy to you and hoped that you will be able to feel our sincere appreciation regardless of the gifts.

Meanwhile, we thought it will be nice to share a background of these gifts. Behind the scene, it was months of brainstorming for the best gift & why we have this gift in mind for you~
Tier 1
DIOR: Whether you received a fashion item or homeware item, we hope it serve great purpose to your daily use! We have specially picked this collection as it signifies much similarity to our love in toile & it’s classic feminine design! Our gift choices ranges from fashion twilly to homeware items, such as dinner plates to cups ( gift item purely based on each spending). Fun Fact: These homeware items needs to be preorder! 🤯  They are 100% porcelain handcrafted in France & takes months to arrive!

 Deciding which gift & viewing through Dior Homeware collection. 

Choosing our gifts! This collection is love at first sight.

Gift chosen for best-selling porcelain homewares & fashion twilly! We have also specifically pick twilly in top 3 selling colours for our ladies~

Checked out & bringing cards home to be handwritten!

Tier 2
SENTIMENTAL Diffuser Set: Sentimental Korea aims to produce diffusers that is tailored-made to suit the needs of modern people. We handpicked after discovering it is in many Korea Instagram home styling must have item, each blend is crafted by scent master, Lee Seung Hoon. 

The diffusers are made of fermented sugarcane and european high-toned materials that provides long-lasting scent & happen to be many K-celeb favourites! This definitely add personality to your home & still smell good!
Featuring the many K-celebs that truly love this brand!

Tier 3: 
HAYOON Kim Knot Cutlery Set: A renowned ceramic artist based in South Korea, Hayoon Kim. Her works propose a new lifestyle that helps to bridge the gap between art and daily life with its beautiful yet quirk designs. Her cutlery collection first started with an inspiration from a small flea market in London. Her works, which are comprised by ordinary tablewares such as teapots, cups, or plates reflects her great imagination, where she reorganised and recombined several elements together.

Recognised for its quality and design in New York, Hayoon Kim also actively participates in local art fairs in Korea and exhibits her work at Art Galleries and global trade shows. This includes collaboration with well-known Italian boutiques and brands, namely Seletti and Cutlery Chandelier.She’s been awarded as the winner of the “Best of Market Award” at the NY NOW Show. We handpicked this as we would like to bring the essence of Korea in its Korean traditional knot to you! highly popular among Korean Influencers as a must have for home parties!
Each Porcelain piece is handmade & place inside the Kiln to bake
Hayoon Kim Feature on Magazine page
Tier 4
LAVIEN Daily Cleansing Foam: One of our most sought-after brand, position itself as a premium self-care brand that is known for its effective result. Suitable for all skin types, it’s bubbled foam texture helps to cleanse your skin easily without feeling tight. It will be launching soon 🤭  so you get to try it firsthand!
  One of our highly requested product to launch! 
Tier 5: 
OHIOHOO Oh No Red M1ask: A new, exciting add to Ksisters’ curations, OHIOHOO is a brand that has garnered good reviews from over 170,000 subscribers in South Korea.  They place utmost importance on product quality and efficiency, and has hence conducted many tests and samplings to ensure that their products are of top-notch quality for customers.

With this and the brand’s growing popularity in South Korea, Ksisters has decided that we would have to share this brand with you too! Save me, Oh No Red! Also known as a #911Mask to help with calming your skin in unpredictable times when you need a quick fix!
Featuring one of Ohiohoo Best Seller!


To be able to do this for our vips, we are thankful for your wonderful support in year 2020!
Always grateful for trusting us to be your number one brand in K-beauty and K-fashion source & hope to journey with you in 2021 bringing the best for you! 

Jungmin & Team Ksisters