[Vip] Appreciation Gifting 2022

Starting 2022 on a bright note, thank you #ksistersfam & #ksistersvips for always being every part of our journey whether you are here seeking for our beauty tips, fashion & lifestyle or inner beauty products. We hope we brought sparkle in our curation each week in the past 1 year.

2021 was a little special as we are very much thankful to hit few milestones. One of these is definitely to hold several mini events with vips!  Eg: like Jan make up seminar - it is very precious as it's been so long since we get to connect with each other, so we truly cherish the time we get to interact with our vips face to face. 

At the same year, besides getting to launch 3 of our Jung beauty products, 

< Jungmin doing zoom session with our vips for Jung Beauty 2-step Baby Pore kit >  

It is also a privilege to collaborate with many amazing like-minded entrepreneurs who are also our dear friends that we cherished and support very much! Always appreciate the amazing partnership, learnings from our chit chat session and goals we have with local businesses! Did I mentioned that it is also an opportunity we get to hang out after so long! :)


< Ksisters x Arly Collaboration with Mua @Airin from @arly.co

 < Ksisters x Drea's Haru Kit Collaboration IG: @dreachong > 

 <Ksisters with Jade from @houseofchia for amazing styling tips!> 

Ksisters (@ksisters.sg) x TMP @iwantthemissingpiece collab )

Lastly, not forgetting starting our little food baby mukbang.sg too! These cannot be done without your overwhelming support in seeing our IG live every tuesday and placing orders! And yes there is still so much more we can learn and improve in this journey! 

< Teaming up with @maisonace team for an amazing Brunohotplatesg cooking session with our new Mukbang launch products for our vips!>

<Jungmin Tuesday IG live with Cloe from @goldkimchi_sg at @mukbang.sg>

With you in mind, this year we have decided to have appreciation gifting base on our #ksistersvip preference. In Aug, we did a poll and garner results of what our #ksistersvip likes!

 And here is the gift we have prepared to each of our vips, 


and for our top tier vips, we have prepared Signature Hermes orange boxes for you, which contains a coffee mug as you enjoyed your favourite beverages. And with Jungmin hand-written cards to show her deepest appreciation. 


<Jungmin writing handmade cards for each of our tier 1 vips > 

< Hermes gifts specially prepared for our vips>  

We know what we have prepared is still far from your amazing love and support for Ksisters! And it is always something we envision how we can do better for you each year! It is also always a vision to always appreciate our #ksistersfam by curating the best products that fits Singapore, giving our best service and having you to own one of trending items in Korea - especially with so much travelling restrictions, we hope to provide a shopping experience that gives you a travelling moment to Korea. 

Thank you for believing in what we are doing is the best for you! Your assurance in our products, enthusiasm in weekly promo, satisfactory reviews & feedbacks was really what motivated our team to keep going at our best! We hope that our little appreciation will make you happy!

Thank you for your wonderful support in year 2021 Looking forward to journey with you in 2022 bringing wonderful curations & joy to you! 

*To find out more about our vips programme pls head down to: https://ksisters.sg/pages/vip-program

*All events are taken with careful consideration, planning & aligned with the Singapore Covid-19 regulations at the point in time. 

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