[Best of Probiotics 2023] Jan's Journey

Consistent user since June to present!

We all strive to improve our overall health, and for Jan, ther journey began with BNR17 probiotics since June this year. These little wonders have helped her reduce body fat, eliminate bloatedness, and effectively manage her weight.

Exercise Reintroduced: Incorporating exercise into her daily routine was a significant step Jan took after a long hiatus. It wasn't just about the BNR17 probiotics; it was about taking control of her life and well-being.

While she still has around 4 kilograms to go before reaching her ideal weight, it's essential to note that before introducing BNR17, she was about 6-7 kilograms above my ideal weight.

The journey may be slow, but Jan's continuously making progress and taking control of her well-being, one step at a time. 💪🏻