[Best of Phytopecia, Aug 22] Cherri's Journey

#BossMama Cherri shares her postpartum hair loss journey and how her luscious locks give her immense confidence to take on any tasks confidently!

"I've heard of postpartum hair loss from friends, but when I went through it myself at 3 months post partum I still got a huge shock at the amount of hair I was losing on a daily basis! It made me so self conscious whenever I was taking pictures, I had to change my parting multiple times in order to find different ways to cover up the glaring hair loss areas.

I started using the Ksisters Phytopecia Hair Boosting Shampoo and Hair Tonic immediately, and I started seeing results about 2 months into it! When I recently went to the hair dresser, he commented that I had baby hair growing out everywhere and asked what shampoo I'm using! Even my friends now laugh at me because of my all my 'uncontrollable' baby hair growing out. haha! I'm so glad to have this 'uncontrollable' problem thanks to the Phytopecia shampoo!"

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