L:MOT Premium All In One Capsule Detergent

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  • Premium 4 in 1 Capsule
  • Signature Premium Scent - Green Floral (White Rose, Pink Pepper), White Floral Bouquet (Violet, Neroli Peony), Woody Musk (Sandalwood Musk)
  • 1 Capsule -  6kg, 2 Capsules - Over 6kg


L:MOT Premium All In One Capsule Detergent is a 4 in 1 capsule that has strong washing power, odour removal, fabric protection,  highly concentrated fragrance, 99.44% perfect removal of fine dust. Specially clean fabrics contaminated with skin dust  such as collar, sleeves and cuffs of the shirt  that  have turned yellow due to the  sweat and sebum generated  from the body.

40 capsules/tub
30 capsules/refill pack

Capsules (Tub) - 20 June 2026

L:MOT capsule detergent contains 7 types of strong enzymes to help remove stains and protect fabric from lint formation!

Protease: Removes oil stains around the collar and stains around the wrist cuff
Amylase: Removes sauce & chocolate stains
Lipase: Removes stains soiled by oil & butter
Pectinase: Removes stains from fruits & fruit juice.
Mannase: Removes oil & grease stains
Cellulase (1): Brightening
Cellulase (2): Prevents formation of lint

We recommend at least 2kg (ideally 6kg!) of laundry load for 1 capsule.

If your laundry load is less than 6kg, we recommend you to increase the water volume, or do a second rinse after washing with L:MOT capsule detergent.

If your laundry load is more than 6kg, kindly use 2 capsules.

Q1. Is one capsule enough to do clean laundry?
A1.Yes, L:MOT’s Premium All in One Capsule Detergent is an ultra-concentrated detergent that has been verified for its excellent cleaning power through an accredited and certified institute.

Q2. Do I need to use fabric softener separately?
A2.No, L:MOT’s Capsule Detergent is a 4in1 capsule detergent that includes a fabric protection effect. However, if you want a higher fabric softening effect, you can use it additionally.

Q3. Can it be washed in cold water?
A3.Yes, the product is packaged in a 100% water-soluble film that dissolves well in water, so you can use it conveniently regardless of the water temperature.

Q4. Does the product have an expiration date?
A4.The manufacturing date (production year) is written at the bottom of the product package. It is recommended to use it within 2 years of manufacturing.

Q5. I'm worried the capsule might burst.
A5.The capsule is specially processed in a high-quality domestic production facility, and boasts strong durability that does not burst even when pressed with a weight of 15 kg. Even if you drop it on the floor, it does not burst and retains its original shape, so use it without any worries.
(Do not intentionally cut with scissors or pierce with a sharp awl.)

Q6. Can baby clothes be washed?
A6.This product is a laundry detergent in which 28 kinds of harmful ingredients such as fluorescent brightener, humidifier disinfectant ingredient, and microplastic were not detected. It is a safe formula that was tested negative for skin irritation. However, it is not recommended to wash clothes for infants and toddlers as they bite and suck their clothes. In addition, for sensitive or delicate skin types, we recommend that you try the detergent on a small amount of laundry first.







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16 Aug 2023
Michelle T.
Singapore Singapore

It’s really a premium capsule!

I really love the scent and quality of the capsule!

10 Feb 2022
Audrey L.
Singapore Singapore

Easy to use

Love the fragrance and it's so easy to use!

11 Jan 2022
Shermine N.
Singapore Singapore

Good buy

I washed my bag and the water all greyed. Gentle yet good for cleaning

17 Oct 2021
Singapore Singapore

Love the scent

Clothes smell great!

09 Jul 2021
Ai K.
Singapore Singapore

Effective Clothes Detergent

Does effective cleaning and my clothes smell so nice after cleaning.

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